“Any man with a modicum of self respect wouldn’t put up with this…”. You hit the nail on the head. But many men of the Sesame Street generation do put up with it because they have no self respect. They have been conditioned that way and need to be shamed sometimes. But I guess I’m part of the gerontocracy.

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I will have to listen to that Gottesdienst podcast!

Wanted to comment on this item that I've seen women do this to men relatively shortly before divorcing them: "NY Post: Prince Harry is ‘dependent on Meghan Markle for his social life’ after burning bridges: royal expert - Meghan encouraged Harry in separating himself from his family, geographically separated him from his home and friend network, and is now apparently the controller of his social life. Were the genders reversed, this would be treated as abusive."

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That’s crazy because I saw this exact Mark Driscoll video after last weeks man-shaming article from Blake and both pieces really remind me how the world has changed.

Much of what I think below has been said in this newsletter before, but it bears repeating.

I think a lot of older men and pastors mean well, but I think like a lot of things, the world has changed and older Americans just simply don’t/won’t/can’t comprehend. Millennials and Gen Z will list likely meet many milestones that previous generations will, but it is harder and may look different.

We know that housing, education, and healthcare costs have exploded for my generation (I’m 27) and cost wildly more than it did for boomers. I think dating has changed too.

The internet has exploded and now everyone has so much choice no one really tries to date anymore. If it’s not working after 20 minutes, I have the illusion I can meet another person because there’s an endless cycle of people. For boomers, the dating pool was significantly smaller.

Somehow, this reality exists with the fact that meeting in person is more challenging than ever. Movies, concerts, and bars are simply out of my price range so outside of church, it’s hard to form organic ways to meet people. Try meeting through friends? Younger People also have statistically fewer friends then Boomers did in their youth.

This doesn’t mean Boomers are wrong about marriage, why to get married, or etc., but I get the implicit sense that they think “Why don’t you just date/get married like back in my day?” which sounds like other statements made about housing, education, etc.

As someone whose 27, I can promise you there’s a lot more going on here than just fickleness/emotional immaturity. I think this means men and pastors need to change up some strategy, tactics, tone, etc. if they want to reach men in their 20’s.

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