I have to disagree with the idea of the Car Dealer mindset. Many institutions began with a conservative and Christian focus - Harvard, Yale, Princeton to name just a few. But akin to the second law of thermodynamics, conservative organizations become liberal over time - and in fact force conservatives out. That’s why conservatives start new organizations not because they think they are worthless but because they are wasting time and resources trying to reform them. My goodness, that was the whole point of the Reformation. The Roman Catholic Church resisted true reform for decades if not centuries.

Today there are sprouts of conservative Christian universities such as Hillsdale that are rebuilding to eventually compete with those apostate organizations.

Paul Weyrich said it best when he was accused of telling Christians to abandon politics. We should start a counter culture but keep our hands in politics so the left would not use power of the state to destroy us.

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Good luck with the book Aaron. I look forward to getting a copy.

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