Yes, I've noticed a shift in some of Peterson's recent videos, at least the short ones. It's partly the tone, but really he's just not nearly as effective.

I'm a big fan, but Peterson's talent is in semi-extemporaneous speaking, not writing. I guess someone has had the idea "JP is great at video, let's put out a bunch of short videos", thinking they could just have him read something he's written up real quick and that would work (assuming it's even Peterson who is writing these stiff scripts).

He developed his impressive communications skills as a college lecturer, and seems much better in free-wheeling lectures, interviews and debates than in these canned pieces. Plus, the edgier tone in these and some of his recent tweets, criticizing specific individuals, seems a bit over the top.

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I agree with the observation, I want to hope JBP is still at his A game. I'm beginning to wonder if the direction he may be getting or advised to do is from the Daily Wire and I wonder if it is someone that only ever watched short cut clips of "dunk your opponent" videos and not his actual 2-3 hour content that is directing it.

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Jul 15, 2022Liked by Aaron M. Renn

Thank you for re-introducing me to Jordan Peterson in this and the previous post. I re-downloaded his 12-rules audiobook. I appreciate his conviction, and also happen to resonate with his messages - for this I may be the demographic he acknowledges form his base.

His tone is certainly different in today's recording, but today's recording is also "Jordan Peterson Uncensored" on Daily Wire; so in context I expect a similar brashness as Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro combined with John Eldredge.

To me he continues to maintain a sense of urgency and command of his principles - I gravitate towards his consistency. There's a vaguely familiar feeling when I listen to Trump and then parse through the critique - the message ultimately has truth even though the delivery can be alienating to many.

Bottom line for me on Peterson's church message: among many factors I would certainly be interested in any organization (church or otherwise) overtly espousing the ideals he proposes. I would stop by the booth, walk in the door, attend the event. What's on offer today doesn't advertise this in such a compelling way, so Peterson's insistence has my ear.

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There's also the fact that JP recently signed on with the Daily Wire. I'm not too familiar with DW. They seem to have a lot of good content but also a bit of buffoonery such as the infamous Jeremy's Razors commercial. If that work of art is any indication, then DW is on a similar path of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. Can fresh water and saltwater flow from the same spring? Dr Peterson might -might- initially bring some professional demeanor to the place but my bet is that Ridiculous Fiasco will prevail in the end. Not to mention the strong undertones of gracelessness and lopsided anti-masculinity that pervaded MD.

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JP's appearance in Walsh's "What is a Woman?' struck me similarly; ranting.

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