It seems to me that trying to restore marriage among the lower classes through simply pulling some policy levers is only going to end in disappointment. It's going to take more than increasing education levels among men to reverse the all out assault leftism has wrought on the traditional family. And I don't think they really want to accomplish this goal if they refuse to advocate traditional marriage. They are for the imposition of their values in every case that they do mean it.

It's also hard to take them seriously at all when they say their goal is to get less of something (one-parent households) but they want the subsidies to that thing to go way up. "Though broadly supportive of redistributive measures that would expand mothers’ monthly budgets and increase quality family time—and a critic of the stringent and penurious standards effected by the bipartisan welfare reforms of 1996—Kearney argues the data is unambiguous: benefits flow to children in a two-parent home that cannot be duplicated easily through welfare programs."

And I hate the title "The Two-Parent Privilege." Leftists have inverted the meaning of privilege (coming from Latin privilegium "law applying to one person, bill of law in favor of or against an individual"). If anything, the law gives greater benefits to single-parent households.

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You made a really interesting comment on the American reformer pod , I think I understood you correctly, about how there is no benefit to belonging to most evangelical churches , so if someone gets church discipline , it’s no big deal they just go to the next church down the road . I’ve seen this recently in effect

Trying to think of what benefits a church could possibly ad , I like what refuge church in Utah is doing where they have a school attached and it’s free for those that tithe . Curious if anyone has any other thoughts

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