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Can someone explain the phenomena the Vox article is about? Did parenting all of a sudden become a lot harder?

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In regards to the article about the religious composition of Harvard's student body, I have to wonder if many of those young 'agnostics' aren't a more accurate description of the 'protestants' of yesteryear. By PoYY I mean the protestants who would assume that label because of family history or status (positive world) but who would not have any serious faith commitment. If that's the case, then agnostic strikes me as a more accurate descriptor. And, in today's world of rampant untrustworthiness, those young students may be afraid of being branded and outed as a bad religious person (negative world). Even from an ostensibly anonymous survey. After all, the president of Harvard was just caught plagiarizing and amplifying certain words from said plagiarism to fit a pre-determined political narrative. If the organizational culture is so bad that you can't trust the college president, then are you really going to trust an 'anonymous' survey?

All that said, when I got my first dog tags ~25 years ago I selected "No Religious Preference" (NO REL PREF) instead of Protestant because I thought there was always a possibility of someday getting sent into a sectarian conflict somewhere. I dunno, you never know what the future holds.

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