Regarding subsidized childcare, in my experience, a certain percentage of women simply do not want to be home with their children. Some will flat out say it, others kind of hem and haw around it, but simply do not want to be at home. They know the daycare workers are poorly paid and are of increasingly poor quality and it still doesn't move them to stay at home. This just makes them want to look for a better daycare, even if it is more expensive.

For others it is a lifestyle choice, they might only be ahead $20-25k after deducting daycare costs from their salaries, but that is the difference between vacations, a certain vehicle, or other lifestyle factors for them. Thankfully the trend seems to be going in the opposite direction today and more young mothers are willing to make lifestyle sacrifices to stay home and raise their kids. I don't know for how many of these women this represents a broader rejection of feminism.

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