I have always searched for answers with my oldest son.  He is a bright young adult that battles depression. In the past we have seen counselors, tried medications, Vit D, but nothing moves the needle for him.  He was described by a friend a long time ago as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  Sensitive, compassionate, caring and depressive.

When he was home for Christmas I encouraged him to start taking a magnesium supplement based on your article.  I touch base daily with him and call him every few days.  I can tell his good days from the bad ones with the first few words out of his mouth after he picks up the phone.  Yesterday I had the most positive phone call I have ever had with him.  His mother and I were returning from a wedding and I called him on speakerphone.  He was alert, funny, positive and engaging. 

I don't believe that would have happened without your story impacting him. Thank you!

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Your video with Dwight Gibson was gold! I liked how the innovative types in Michigan had to employ their innovative spirit at their cabins up north since they were stifled at work.

I leaned on it heavily at church when I spoke on "Mapping Out 2023" on New Year's Day. It makes sense that Psalm 119 employs "map language" in 20% of the verses...use The Map (The Faith) to get to the edge of your map, then step out (In Faith).

At work, in my R&D job, I have in my email signature line "innovation is the art of staying one step ahead of the need to be efficient" (pragmatic, in this case).

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This and that coda is fire. Also, pragmatism can be a terrible argument for defending moral/Christian values/things. :) In faith it can only get you as far as it is useful.

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In the coda, Lasch prophesized the former Finnish prime minister, now an Instagram influencer, Sanna Marin.

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How does one discover he has a magnesium deficiency? Or any other sort of deficiency? I take a multivitamin but never really considered this possibility.

To Aaron's broader point, some people just have a way of discovering business ideas. I have an acquaintance who already owned a successful business and, browsing on the Internet unable to sleep one night, noticed an inefficiency in the marketplace that anyone could have possibly discovered, and started up another successful business from scratch that was immediately profitable and now has 30 employees and growing.

Hang out with these sorts long enough and some of that energy rubs off on you. You'll feel like a sucker working for a salary and start wondering what opportunity you're missing right under your nose.

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I recall the video with Dwight Gibson and it helped me get out of a malaise I was feeling at the time. The phrase, going from zero to one is one that articulated all the shortcomings from my supposed high achieving, highly credentialed career.

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Aaron, this is brilliant. Thoroughly resonates.

Rod D. Martin

Founder & CEO

Martin Capital, Inc.


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