We really need to be raising our children to grow up timely (be responsible, look nice in public, appropriately attentive to opposite sex and all that) and looking to start families. One of the single soldiers attending our ministry is nearly enraptured by our 31 year marriage. He was talking to my wife one evening asking her about our marriage and he said, "I want that so much." But I doubt he has a clue what "that" entails. Years of struggle off and on, dealing with the sinful sharp edges of one another and seeing your own sin's destructiveness to another and knowing that only God's grace and mercy can be attributed to being that many years married and still loving one another.

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I must say, I have a different perspective.

First, there are more genuine femcels than you might think, especially women of a certain age:


Secondly, the idea that the male and female "incel" situation would manifest in the same way assumes gender sameness in the same sense as society. We don't get true mirror images because the sexes are not the same. The female equivalent of the incel is not the women who can't have sex but the woman who can't find commitment/marriage. Though as I said, a much larger number of women than you might think get essentially no romantic or sexual interest from men.

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There is not a corresponding female incel for each male incel. 80%+ of females are screwing the top 20% of males which mean those males are getting more sex but the women are also still getting some sex. The epidemic is really centered in the bottom 50% of men who get zero female attention.

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