It is not at all surprising that the Reddit thread got locked and deleted. Sometimes the truth is just too spicy for the leftist admins to take.

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May 17·edited May 17

"When I read his First Things essay two years ago, I was skeptical of Renn’s “three worlds” framework. I thought it was a blunt instrument that ascribed questionable motives to leaders embracing an engagement model for Christian political and cultural participation."

Trying to understand the statement above from the CT article - it's that Aaron is pointedly ascribing questionable motives to Christian leaders still pursuing cultural engagement in the negative world? If a questionable motive is a failure to understand that cultural engagement is no longer as effective a model, possibly owing to a refusal to accept the loss of Christianity's privilege in America, I could see that. I'm not familiar with what 'very tough' things he has said about R. Moore, who presumably is one of these Christian leaders.

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