I'm wondering what to think of the Francis Collins article in light of the substack post about normal people and loyalty.

"In October, even after Collins’ funding of the University of Pittsburgh research had become widely known, Moore continued to burnish his friend’s reputation, saying, “I admire greatly the wisdom, expertise, and, most of all, the Christian humility and grace of Francis Collins.” That same month, influential evangelical pundit David French deemed Collins a “national treasure” and his service in the NIH “faithful.” Former George W. Bush speechwriter and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson struck the most poetic tone in his effusive praise, claiming that Collins possesses a “restless genius [that] is other-centered” and is a “truth-seeker in the best sense.”

Now, this may not be an expression of "loyalty" at all, since it costs nothing in terms of status. Indeed, speaking out against Collins' actions as head of NIH would probably be more costly. But the point I want to get at is this: what would Aaron do? How do we apply this business about loyalty in situations where one's friend did some really messed up things?

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If someone is genuinely a friend (versus merely an acquaintance you were on a panel with a couple times or interviewed as a guest), then if they are in the wrong you should confront them privately. If you feel they are in severe unrepentant error, you can break off the friendship. Also, there's no need to publicly promote someone in areas where you disagree with them, even if he is a friend.

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The Daily Wire subscription “loading chute” wants to pre-qualify me as a stupid bovine. Can’t do it.

But I guarantee you this, they can only be referencing the tiny tip of the iceberg on the Covid propaganda. There’s so much money in fear, and most of us fell for it hook. line. sinker. Combine that government propaganda with the well documented skill of pharma in manipulating trial data and statistics and you get the world handing their hard earned cash over for a useless (at best!) vaccine. We’ve proved such gullible suckers that they want to vaccinate the children. The children! who don’t get sick or die!

We’ve been drinking fear porn propaganda like whiskey from the bottle. The hangover is going to be painful and humiliating.

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