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The starting premise of the Kite and Key Media video is the pathetic progressive view that women have enjoyed enormous "progress" and "achievement" and this must be preserved. The video then staggers about looking for a solution for men falling behind. The best it can do is suggest that boys start school a year later and men become more involved in traditional female occupations to avoid job losses to AI.

It is "received wisdom" today that women have been held back and are now finally being allowed to achieve what they are capable of. This is completely false and until this pernicious lie is exposed as a falsehood, there is little hope for a cure to what ails men and women today. I know those are very strong words, but strong medicine is needed. It is as if placebos and nicely-flavored syrups must be administered to the patient to cure him of an ailment that has been misdiagnosed. Worse still, he's surrounded by witch doctors guided by ambition, while evil spirits hover about.

The rightful relationship between men and women that existed in the Garden of Eden places men at the head of households, and by logical extension, in leadership roles in society. We saw what happened in the Garden when that natural order was usurped. Not surprisingly, once outside the Garden, mankind has been even more vulnerable to lapses in the natural order - though that had to wait until technological progress created the perfect opening for feminism.

The rightful relationship between men and women has enormous implications for how society functions. Break it, and all sorts of ills will emerge. Getting back to my original statement, the so-called achievement of women outside the home sounds good to modern ears - to men because they themselves are accustomed to working outside the home and managing the affairs of society and to women because their only role models mimic the achievement of men. Both men and women are additionally encouraged to do whatever their imaginations suggest because this rhymes with our American ideal of freedom.

I would argue that the so-called achievement of women is failure in disguise. Holding positions in society that were once the exclusive domain of men doesn't mean anything when the system is structured to support and shield women in these positions. Consider the most radical and foolish members of Congress, the "Squad," and the band of female democrats that often side with them. Yes, we have Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer, but how about Kamala Harris and Biden's picks for various offices? These are all feminists.

Men are not faring well because the system at every turn promotes women and denigrates them. The only solution that would bring sanity to the country is the return to patriarchy. But that will never happen because we are no longer a Christian nation. Even dedicated Christians seem unable to see our societal decay in clear terms. So, we will dance around the problem, never seeing it and never addressing it.

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On the college closing list, it looks like around half them happened before Covid. Also in the case of Presentation College in South Dakota, it has always been known as a nursing school, they offered only a few other majors. There is certainly high demand for nurses, I suspect the programs the state schools have offered in nursing made it too difficult for them to compete. I would expect to see a lot more of that, if there isn't an advantage in quality of religious life and instruction at the school, families aren't going to pay the huge premium for private higher ed anymore.

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“Inhorn’s research found that women freezing their eggs tended to be in their late 30s, successful high-earning professionals...”

A Yale female professor writing a book about elite women’s dashed romantic hopes. We all know how the story unfolds in this scenario.

Prof. Inhorn could well turn her anthropological lens on why America now has 40% of children born out of wedlock and why marriage has disappeared among the working classes.

I think the fixation in educational attainment levels leaves out many other factors that make for a good match. In addition, why the intense focus on the mating patterns of the college-educated who are at most 30-35% of the US population?

Egg-freezing will only be accessible to a very small slice of women who dominate elite circles, and who sadly are most likely to have sky-high expectations and requirements for a mate.

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Re: the video, and driving men into "HEAL" jobs because they are less likely to be affected by automation... What's about to happen to women if AI manages to change the job market as much as automation has for manufacturing, farming, construction, etc.?

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The piece from the Guardian wins “stupidest sentence of the day” for me. “All of the women who froze their eggs were cisgender”. Yes. A trans women would never have any eggs ever. It is literally impossible for a trans women to have eggs.

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