That CT article on Operation Reconquista was surprisingly positive.

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I would submit that legalized infanticide - more commonly referred to as abortion - is the major driver for men and women not getting married. Legalized infanticide allows women to escape the need for marriage because they don’t have to sacrifice their jobs/careers to raise children. Men escape the responsibilities of fatherhood. Consequently marriage becomes optional for both when sex is without the consequences of children.

Women who now graduate from college at a higher rate have fewer choices of marriageable men (as has been pointed out by Aaron) and those men who do have college degrees can be much more picky and can have serial marriages trading the older models with younger ones. Both men and women can satisfy their sexual desires with pornography and don’t have to take chances with dating, courtship or marriage. Again, as pointed out, those motivated by religion seem to be marrying because they have a higher calling then their own selfish desires.

This is why legalized infanticide is the holy grail of the left and why it is fought for so fanatically.

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"To Be Happy, Marriage Matters More Than Career," writes David Brooks (in an article that I admit I did not read due to the paywall).

That may be true in a certain sense, but for a man to be married at all, career matters quite a bit. As an esteemed thinker on gender relations observed in 1989:

Girls are fakin', goodness sakin'

They want a man who brings home the bacon

Got no money and you got no car

Then you got no woman and there you are

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Many ladies aren’t into ordinary breadwinner men when they are young and single as they are building careers of their own. Very opposite from what used to be the case in the past.

Attraction between the sexes diminishes if they have to compete against each other in the market economy and broader culture.

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