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Weekly Digest: Merry Christmas

Relentless Focus vs. Collecting Lottery Tickets

Newsletter #83: The Case Against Pragmatism

Weekly Digest: How I Met Your Mother

If They're Not Cryin', We're Dyin'

Don’t Criticize Your In-Group in the Out-Group’s Forums

BRAD LITTLEJOHN and CHRIS CASTALDO: Why Protestants Convert to Catholicism

Weekly Digest: Millennials vs. Boomers

The Future of Media

My Life in the Negative World Book Is Launching Soon - Please Pre-Order

Become Illegible

BEN MERKLE: Is Higher Ed Too Big to Fail?

Weekly Digest: Loneliness and Suicide

Why Can't We Have a Populism That Builds?

Dressing the Man

The Draw of Eastern Orthodoxy

NANCY PEARCEY: The Toxic War on Masculinity

Thanksgiving Open Thread: Mysticism, Mystery and Re-enchantment

Newsletter #82: A Handyman's Guide to Masculinity

Weekly Digest: Women and Marriage

Will Evangelicals Become a Boat Anchor That Sinks American Support for Israel?

Why Tyler Cowen Doesn't Meet Protestant Intellectuals

David Brooks' Moral Formation Without Morals

Your Support Made My Book Possible

Pursuing Ownership in the Negative World

JOHN SEEL: Cultural Engagement in the Negative World

How Then Shall We Live?

Weekly Digest: American Gerontocracy

Other Conservatisms

Why I Do Not Support Christian Nationalism

ANDREW BRUNSON: God's Faithfulness While Suffering Unjustly

Weekly Digest: Where Is the Right Wing Virtue?

Evangelicals Need to Stop Shaming Men

News Men Can Use

JOHN LOVELL: The Warrior Poet Way

Weekly Digest: A Flock of Demons

The Quest for Male Community

Newsletter #81: The Problem With Servant Leadership

Weekly Digest: The Evil That Men Do

The Feds Come for the Manosphere

Treat Men Like They Matter

REDEEMED ZOOMER: Can Mainline Denominations Be Saved?

Weekly Digest: Real Mentorship in Action

By Men For Men

ERIC LEFEVRE: When Lutherans Reversed Liberalism

My Wall Street Journal Op-Ed on Why Men Turn to Online Influencers

Weekly Digest: Facing Reality on Single Parenthood

The End of Moral Standards

Patterns of Evangelical Rhetoric

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: The Importance of Working Men

Weekly Digest: Pity the Incel

Are You In an Open Network or a Closed Network?

Your Mentor Is Your Booster Rocket

DANIEL HOWE: The Christian Sabbath

Weekly Digest: Things Fall Apart

"Even Tiger Woods Has a Coach"

The Next Steps for Post-Familialism

Newsletter #80: The Maternal Instinct Will Not Be Suppressed

Weekly Digest: A Crisis of Courage

Sen. Marco Rubio's Report on the Working (and Non-Working) Man

Building Counter-Institutions

Weekly Digest: Faith No More

Can Mainline Protestantism Be Rebuilt?

SOHRAB AHMARI: How Private Power Crushed American Liberty

Weekly Digest: The Decline of Local Leadership Culture

The State of the Mission

The Future of Appalachia


Weekly Digest: America's Social Problems

The End of Mass Consumer Culture

Newsletter #79: The Teachings of Neo-Pagan Masculinity

Weekly Digest: Partisan Polarization by Gender in High School

The Eschatological Perspective

Evangelicals Think Men Are All to Blame, All of the Time

DENNY BURK: Evangelical Gender Wars

Weekly Digest: Swiping and Dating Preferences

Russell Moore's Latest Salvo In the New Evangelical Culture War

What Do I Think About the Fourth Turning?

Weekly Digest: A Wonderful Father’s Day Message

Who Is a Fundamentalist?

Newsletter #78: Big Eva Says Out with Complementarianism, In with Anti-Fundamentalism

Weekly Digest: American Men Are Lost

Localist Living in a Shrinking Age

You Have to Be Willing to Make the Direct, Audacious Ask

PAUL VANDERKLAY: What is the Future of the Christian Reformed Church?

Weekly Digest: Please Take My Reader Survey to Help Me Improve My Newsletter

Military Recruitment Challenges Show American Leadership Failures

Weekly Digest: Sperm Counts Down 50% in 50 Years

Creating a New Elite

Weaponizing Virtue Against Young Men

You Have to Be Able to Stand Up for Yourself

Weekly Digest: Indicators of Interest

There Are Plenty of Good Fish in the Sea

"Structural" Forces Do Affect Individual and Group Outcomes

Weekly Digest: Spreading the Word

Sen. Josh Hawley Wants You to Man Up

Newsletter #77: Mark Driscoll's Gender Teachings

Weekly Digest: Your Matchmaking Odds

The Woke Consolidation Phase

Culture Warring Is Also Obsolete

Weekly Digest: Leaving the City

High Trust As Force Multiplier

Why Conservative Boycotts Don't Work - And Why the Bud Light One Did

Weekly Digest: Pot Is Dangerous

Women Control Conservative Evangelicalism

Chuck Schumer, Yenta of the Senate

Mainline Reconquista?

Weekly Digest: On Being Single

Amy Key's Single Life

Newsletter #76: A Critical Shortfall of Courage

Weekly Digest: The Real Christian Nationalism

The SBC Catches "Mainline Disease"

Cities Aren't Dying But They Do Face Real Challenges

Conservatives Need to Learn How to Govern

Weekly Digest: Why Men Are Falling Behind

Americanism Is Their Religion

The Church of England Embraces Post-Familialism

Understanding How the American System Is Different

Weekly Digest: Closing the Toilet Gap

The Risks of Entering the Creator Economy

Career Considerations for Remote Work

Kathy Keller's Skin in the Game

Weekly Digest: The Elite Couples Breeding To Save Mankind

Mark Driscoll, Meet Jordan Peterson

Newsletter #75: The Toxic Reality of a Post-Familial Society

Weekly Digest: Americans Dying Young

Announcing My Forthcoming Book: Life in the Negative World

DR. NICHOLAS ELLIS: Christian Halls and the Future of Christian Higher Education

Creating Leverage and Achieving Freedom by Entering Strategic Economic Sectors

Barbells and Antifragility

America's Unjust and Illegitimate System

Weekly Digest: Remembering the People Who Helped Along the Way

How to Build Friendships

The Rise of the Influencer Class

Weekly Digest: Migration Can Make Red States Redder

Classical Christian Education and the Christian Higher Education Gap

Be Careful Overly Praising Nayib Bukele

The Case for Saying "Yes"

Weekly Digest: Cheaters Always Prosper

Thoughts on the Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

Reconciling People to Perpetual Singleness

Newsletter #74: Great Literature is Right Wing

The Scandal of "The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind"

Weekly Digest: Scottish Politician Confronts the Negative World

Don't Underestimate the Difficulty of Changing Careers After Age 30

Ron DeSantis' Conservative Popularism

If There's a Shortage of Good Men, What Does That Mean for Men?

Weekly Digest: Lies Cities Tell Themselves

Purpose Is No Substitute for Public Respect

Re-Editing Old Books

Weekly Digest: Becoming Tim Keller

Evolving Evangelical Gender Theology

He Gets Us, But They Don't Like Us

Newsletter #73: Ten Theses on Marriage and Family

Weekly Digest: Parenting in America Today

He Gets Us May Be Flawed, But Is Aimed at the Right Target

Societal Fragmentation Creates Perverse Incentives

Weekly Digest: Women Prefer to Marry Up

The Vibe Shift

Owned Space on Fire Island

The Productive Urban Household (with Eric Brende)

Weekly Digest: Single Woke Female

Ryan Michler's Masculinity Manifesto

Spotlight on American Reformer

The Subscriber Knowledge Base

Weekly Digest: Welcoming Tony Dungy to the Negative World

Oklahoma City's Conservative Governance

Who Are America's Leading Protestant Intellectuals?

Newsletter #72: Why You Shouldn't Play the Heel

Weekly Digest: How the Pandemic Changed American Religion

Prince Harry, Spare Thyself

Where Should I Live?

Weekly Digest: Commentary on Having Children Today

African Founders and the Early Black American Experience

The Return to Normal