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Why Sen. Josh Hawley Telling Young Men to Man Up Won't Work

Weekly Digest: Merry Christmas!

The Growing Post-Christian Right

Why Evangelicals Are Not Leaders in Our Society

Weekly Digest: Selling Social Change

Twitter and Managerialism

Newsletter #71: A Primer on Doxxing

Weekly Digest: How Long Before Alasdair MacIntyre Repudiates His Own Book?

A Moderate Republican Approach That Actually Delivers Results

The Non-Linearity of Change

Weekly Digest: The Sunbelt Hits the Big Time

The Fallout of Post-Familialism

The Conditions of Modernity

Asymmetric Financial Warfare

Thanksgiving Reading and Open Thread

American Elites Prey on the Poor By Promoting Vice

Weekly Digest: Of Boys and Men

The Illusion of American Meritocracy

Movies for Men

Newsletter #70: Why You Should Be Careful About How Online Critiques Affect You and Others

Weekly Digest: The Party of Single Women

The Post-MAGA Political World

Get Out and Vote This Election Day

The Blowback Against the Three Worlds Model

Weekly Digest: Andrew Tate on Islam and Christianity

What Is Credibility?

What Is an Evangelical?

Weekly Digest: Russell Moore, Fundamentalist Preacher

What Do You Mean By Liberalism?

Accountability for Failure on the Covid Response

Weekly Digest: Can Men and Women Be Friends?

The State of Evangelicalism

Newsletter #69: The Vocation of Masculinity

Weekly Digest: Evangelicalism, Elites, and Excellence

The Importance of Luck in Success

The Lost America of the 1980s

Weekly Digest: What Women and Men Want in the Dating Market

How Social Class Shines a Light on Conservatism's Past

"You Didn't Build That"

Weekly Digest: At the Ark Head

Five Ways to Respond to Societal Decline

Understanding the Media's Reporting on Foreign Countries

Weekly Digest: “Babies in the Womb”

How Quakerism Conquered America

Newsletter #68: Beware of the Contagiousness of Divorce

Weekly Digest: My Subscriber Knowledge Base

A Report from the National Conservatism Conference

The Corruption of American Competence

Weekly Digest: On the Road

Is the Collapse of Institutions the Problem or the Solution?

Weekly Digest: Are Anti-Abortion Laws Bad for Business?

It Takes All Kinds

Friendships With the Opposite Sex Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen

The Rise of Influence and the Decline of Authority

Weekly Digest: Near Summer's End

Staring Into the Abyss with Andrew Tate

Silent Exit

The History of Violence

Weekly Digest: The Negative World Comes for the Rosary

BENJAMIN MABRY: A New American Aesthetic

How Managerial Aesthetics Explain Why Cities Can't Authentically Market Themselves

Newsletter #67: Anti-Managerial Aesthetics

Anti-Managerial Aesthetics (Newsletter #67)

Weekly Digest: The Semi-Elite City

David French's Cancel Culture

My Mission and Guiding Principles

Weekly Digest: Why Cities Are Important

My Video Essay on the Today's Evangelical Conflicts

Why We Should Use Authentically American Language

Weekly Digest: Vacation Open Thread

What Are the Standards for Women?

Newsletter #66: In Praise of the Private Good

Weekly Digest: What's Going On in Chicago?

Jordan Peterson's Message to the Christian Churches

Jordan Peterson's Third Way

Important and Feasible: Tools for Strategic Decision Making

Weekly Digest: After Dobbs

A Lesson in How the Left Operates

Why Men Tune Into Online Gurus Instead of the Church

Weekly Digest: With Friends Like These...

An Alternate Universe of Institutional Competence

Thoughts on the Reversal of Roe vs. Wade

Weekly Digest: Economic Development as Cultural Threat

The Bureaucratization of American Leadership

Why I Don't Use the Hero's Journey

Weekly Digest: The Bleak Christian View of Marriage

Reflections on Divorce and Grace

The State of the Church (with Paul Vanderklay and Bethel McGrew)

Newsletter #65: The Missing Heroic Feminine

Weekly Digest: The Three Worlds Model Continues on the March

Conservatives' Missing Link on Gender Roles

The Quest for Legacy

Weekly Digest: Abuse and the SBC

The SBC's "Title IX" Recommendations on Handling Abuse

Weekly Digest: Red State Blues

Even Unfair Criticism Can Be Right

Conservatives Don't Fund Art

Weekly Digest: What Is Healthy Masculinity?

The Three Worlds of Evangelicalism Debate

Never Underestimate the Power and Danger of Eros

Newsletter #64: This Is Your Country

Weekly Digest: The Delicate Future of Downtowns

Life at the Cultural Center

Weekly Digest: The New Battle Against Censorship

Revisiting Mitch Daniels' "Truce" on Social Issues

Only the Paranoid Survive

Weekly Digest: America's Demographic Winter

Lessons from Grove City

Managerialism vs. Localism

Weekly Digest: Small Struggling Cities

ANDREW CRAPUCHETTES: Navigating the Woke Job Market

Outsider Cultural Change

Going Progressive Didn't Save Them

Newsletter #63: Understanding the Managerial Revolution

Weekly Digest: An Evening with Jordan Peterson

Conservatives Don't Do Research

Immigration, Chaos and Order

Weekly Digest: The Making of Man and Woman in Christ

Dear Future Husband

STEPHEN B. CLARK: The Making of Man and Woman in Christ

America's Demographic Winter

Weekly Digest: Buzzwords Won't Save the American Economy

Can You Be a Conservative in the City?

Weekly Digest: Rethinking Regions

Live Through This

Newsletter #62: Building the Virtue of Self-Mastery

Weekly Digest: Out of Ideas

Delegitimizing Men's Fitness

What Caused the Negative World?

You Can't See Into My Heart

Weekly Digest: When the Power Keeps Going Out

Generation X Finally Steps into the Battle

The Third Worldization of America

Weekly Digest: Pastoral Burnout and Pauline Strength

The Dog That Didn't Bark

THE BENHAM BROTHERS: Expert Ownership for a Hostile World

Gender Trouble in East Asia

How to Build Local Community

Weekly Digest: America Discovers Columbus

MATT HENNESSEY: Generation X's Moment of Truth

JULIUS KREIN: Can Conservatism Be More Than a Grudge?

Newsletter #61: Rediscovering the Lost Virtues of Authority

Rediscovering the Lost Virtues of Authority (Newsletter #61)

Weekly Digest: Why Men Look Online for Advice

LYMAN STONE: Lutheranism in America

Understanding David Brooks' Evangelical Hit Job

The Case Against the Case Against Bill Hybels

Weekly Digest: The Coming of Neo-Feudalism

JOEL KOTKIN: Our Feudal Future

The Power of a Catchy Name

What Would Normal People Think of This?

This Is My Beloved Teenage Son

A Field Guide to Chambers of Commerce

Weekly Digest: Let the Boom Times Roll

Bari Weiss Is Not Your Friend

Welcome to the Descending World

You Can't Beat Something with Nothing

Weekly Digest: Other People Weighing In on the Three Worlds

Gender Differences in Career Preferences

The Pro-Life Movement's Moral Doublespeak (Newsletter #60)

Newsletter #60: The Pro-Life Movement's Moral Doublespeak

Weekly Digest: Evangelicals and Post-Christianity

How Establishments Respond to Dissident Upstarts

Beyond Economic Piety

Weekly Digest: What Happens to People When Work Disappears

More on Keller and Reaching the West

Tim Keller's How to Reach the West Again

How to Start Building a Productive Urban Household